Brave vs Chrome -The Battle for “Best” 2020


Hi, friends welcome to ArticlesRead and to the most trending topic which is brave vs chrome. Before getting deeper into it we will clear small concepts.

What is a Web Browser?

Talking generally, the Web Browser is the application/software to browse the “world of the Internet”.So let’s get into deeper our topic.

Who Made the Chrome?

Google Chrome is made by Tech Giant Google. Google Chrome is a freeware web browser. Its First release was on 2 September 2008.

Who Made the Brave Browser?

Brave-Browser Software was co-founded by Brendan Eich, creator of “JavaScript” and co-founder of “Mozilla (Firefox)”

Is Brave browser owned by Google?

No, not at all, this question is quite obvious as it looks like chrome but under the hood, the Brave Browser is based on Chromium which is open-source on Github. It is a basic code to create Chrome And Brave.

The Battle begins from January 2016 when the brave preview was released and until now it’s trending.📈

So let’s do what we are here for on following parameters:-
  1. SPEED⚡.
  2. Security 🔐.
  3. Privacy 🔏.
  4. Memory Usage 💽.

1. Speed ⚡.

  • - The Brave Browser loads popular websites faster than chrome by 6 x Times which is “very speedy”
  • - Because it blocks Ads, Trackers normally.
  • - To show brave keeps the “Numbers”.
  • - Where chrome requires to use Third-party Extensions/Plugins for the same.

2. Security 🔐.

  • - Security is considered to be the most important.
  • - Brave Browser readily encrypts your all connection to HTTPS, Whereas the chrome requires plugin/Extension for the same purpose.
  • - Previously, the brave doesn’t support all chrome extensions but as we say its fastly adapting changes it now supports all Chrome Extensions.

3. Privacy 🔏.

  • - As we see before the Brave browser readily block ads and trackers which is most important.
  • - Whereas Chrome Browser requires extensions.
  • - This habit of Brave Browser saves our data from being tracked by Advertisers Ad Networks.
  • - The Browsing data is saved locally (On Computer or Mobile Device) and you can clear anytime.
  • - And Most importantly, one of the key features makes the Brave “The All-Purpose” that it supports TOR Browsing. ( on Desktop only)
  • - The Search Engine for Private Tab in Brave Browser on all Devices is “Duck Duck Go”.

5. Memory Usage 💽.

  • - Memory usage can vary depending upon operating systems, hardware, tabs opened, etc.
  • - The Results have shown up overall 18 to 30 % decrease memory usage on an average by brave.

As we have mentioned some advantages of brave over Chrome but there are also some issues with Brave Browser.

  • - Some Sites get broken in Brave when Sheild is ON to fix it just we have to put the shield to OFF.
  • - The Google translator is inbuilt in Chrome Browser but it needs to add as an Extension in Brave browser.

  • - As we have mentioned that the Brave blocks the ads (Although you can unblock it from Brave Sheild).
  • - But Some revenue which is necessary for content creators goes away.
  • - To Come up with it the Brave also takes the care of content creators.
  • - By which you can enroll as a content creator on brave for any of these following:-
    •     - Youtube Channel
    •     - Website
    •     - Github
    •     - Twitch Channel
    •     - Reddit
    •     - Vimeo Channel

Private Ads

  • - The brave Support Private Ads you can opt-in the private ads are not depending on your browsing history they are private.
  • - When User opt-in for Brave ads for viewing the ads the user is getting paid by the CryptoCurrency BAT in the Brave Browser itself. The wallet is created in Brave Browser if you opt-in.
  • - This BAT can be used to give a tip to content creators if they are verified by Brave.
  • - And the Content Creators can generate revenue from it.
  • - And one more thing I need to mention is that you can also earn BAT (CryptoCurrency).
  • - Even though you are not a creator. Just you have to download the Brave Browser on your desktop or laptop only. Currently, Mobile devices for withdrawing BAT are not supported.

Finally Result ( The most awaited).👀

Thanks for reading the article and a walkthrough to a trending topic. And the result of this battle will be Your Experience with both the browsers Because

“Nothing Ever Becomes Real Till It is Experienced” --- John Keats

The results may differ upon your use cases and Experience.

To Conclude I will go with Brave Browser with my own experience.

It’s totally up to you.

Below are the Links to Download brave To be transparent this is a referral link by which I will earn a penny if you considered to. Or you can download by respective software/App Store. To get Experience you can download.

You can use it side by side with Chrome also.

Thanks for reading the article, after reading & taking your own experience you may get the result of Brave vs Chrome -The Battle for “Best” 2020

Thanks once again. Share the article if you liked. This site is also a Brave verified publisher.

Notice:- The above article is for educational purposes and the Experience/opinion of the author. You should consider your experience and privacy to step forward.

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