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So what if our mind becomes a 🔥fire 🔥which would be limitless in thinking. If it becomes a vessel then that thing is to be concerned because when something is collected in the vessel for more period it is harmful just like percolated water becomes breed to mosquitoes. Similarly stored useless thought in mind are too harmful.

Aditya Vernekar
11 min read

Brave vs Chrome -The Battle for “Best” 2020

The Battle begins from January 2016 between Brave and Chrome when the brave preview was released and until now it’s trending. Check out who is Winner!

Yash Katkar
15 min read


स्वतःच्या अनुभवाची ही गोष्ट जरा मनातून बाहेर उतरली जावी हीच इच्छा आहे. आणि जगभरात कितीतरी असंख्य लोक असतील जे विना आश्रय जगतात. मग त्यानां जे मिळणार नव्हतं ते मिळालं. जे भेटणार नव्हतं ते भेटलं ह्याच आनंद हे त्या व्यक्ती ला सोडून इतरांना समजणार नाही. हीच भावना अनुभवातून घेऊन ही आश्रय ही कविता उमजली आणि लिहिली गेली.

Prakash Hiremath
10 min read

Be aware 🔥‘Agent Smith’🔥 has arrived at Android devices 📱

The malware scans the app installed on infected smartphones and the malware patch the apps with the malicious ad code modules and re-install it on users’ devices without knowing the user. For the user, it looks ordinary app but it has been infected by the ‘Agent Smith’ malware. Once the re-install and update have completed the malware owner starts earning by showing/displaying ads on the most used and popular app.

Yash Katkar
15 min read

Jio Missed Call Alert Activate/Deactivate codes [Latest] | How do I activate missed call alert for Free [Dec-2020]

Jio Missed Call Alert is a free service offered by Reliance Jio Company. Which is a very useful service for all users*. If your phone is switched off or unreachable at that instance Jio sends the missed call number as an SMS to your number when your Jio Sim is Active. By which you can call that number that is reported by JIO. Which will be very important in many situations. You will receive Jio Missed Call Alert message/SMS on your JIO Sim.

Yash Katkar
7 min read